concrete pillars define movement in debaixo do bloco's brutalist 'section house' in brazil

2022-06-16 23:32:34 By : Ms. lily zhang

debaixo do bloco arquitectura (see previous coverage here) has completed a brutalist house that unfolds on three different levels on a plot in brasília. titled ‘section house’, the project is composed of three blocks built with a simple constructive system, where four internal precast pillars plus four external ones are joined by an inverted slab. the first block, located on the highest level, encloses the home’s social areas; the second block, on the intermediate level, the service areas; and the third block, on the lower level, is where all the intimate areas, such as bedrooms, are located. 

the concrete structural elements deliver the architecture of the house, and they are the ones that stand out on the facade and in the interior environments. ‘the decision to leave them in their pure state, showing the material that they are made of, is intentional, so it is clear, how the house was conceived,’ says debaixo do bloco arquitectura. ‘inside, the structure is also revealed. instead of making a lining that hides them, we reveal the unusual angles seen by those who permeate the environments. they are the ones that generate movement and break the monotony of the traditional straight line.’

all images by joana frança

video by clay rodrigues and seriema films

debaixo do bloco arquitectura has combined the concrete elements of the home with a white exterior color as a reference to the architectural works of oscar niemeyer in the brazilian capital. floor-to-ceiling black glass frames connect the living rooms and bedrooms with the outdoor areas while adding a more contemporary look to the project. in the social and intimate blocks, the brazilian architecture studio has added warmth and coziness to the interior with flooring and freijó wood panels. ‘in a project where brutalism is present in its most rustic state, the idea is to bring balance and generate a home atmosphere,’ debaixo do bloco explains.

along with these elements, brazilian design furniture is mixed with lighting by italian, danish and french design companies. the paintings extol brazilian art, especially the modernist art that gained strength and space when brasília was created. art by alfredo volpi, di janira, galeno and rubem valentim is present throughout the house. 
the kitchen, on the other hand, brings a pop of color to the interior. ‘green brings joy without being tiring, and maintains a mid-century language seen in elements such as the handle and the design of the appliances,’ notes the studio. the home’s exterior patio is complete with design pieces by magis that add a playful note and reinforce the intention of the project as a laboratory of experiences, ideas, design and architecture from brasilia.

an inverted slab creates the shelter areas of the house

the white exterior color references oscar niemeyer’s projects in the brazilian capital

a skylight brings natural light inside the home

wood flooring and wall panels add warmth to the brutalist interior

a large free span allows alterations according to the resident’s needs

name: section house / sección haus architect: debaixo do bloco arquitectura | @debaixodobloco

architecture and interior restoration: clay rodrigues architecture: cezar augusto simao, clay rodrigues

art: volpi, di janira, galeno and rubem valentim location: brasília, brazil total floor area: 300 sqm photography: joana frança video: clay rodrigues and seriema films

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